Although this information is just a portion of what you need to know to keep you and your family members safe as this continues, Dr. Ken will be adding updates and information that may help ease fears and help you decide what to do next.

4/4/2020 Update

We are sitting in the calm before the storm at this point. We are starting to see small clusters of Covid patients here in the South. Our biggest concern recently has been the fact that patients are not presenting with “common” symptoms. We are realizing that the patients with the abdominal pain, kidney injury or even episodes of passing out are actually Covid positive. As was directed by the CDC, you are probably going to see all physicians and PA’s and NP’s in any clinical setting wearing masks. It is more about keeping the whole system functioning and healthy.

3/27/2020 Update

As you are all aware, we continue to be readying ourselves for the onslaught. We certainly are all worried about PPE, which is not unexpected. Knowing that there is a likelihood that healthcare workers will contract this disease without the appropriate measures will make anyone nervous. PPE is going to be the way that no matter what happens to the curve, the hosptial has the staff healthy enough to take care of any patient that comes in the doors. I continue to discuss our local response with as many people as possible, as I think being transparent is important. There are models that are projecting increase in cases in the next 10 days. Check back for updates regularly.

This is the information that the CDC has compiled as of this point. Please check CDC.Gov/covid19 for the most up to date information.

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