Who is Dr. Ken?

Dr. Perry is an Emergency Medicine Attending Physician in Charleston, SC. Originally from Rhode Island, education took him from Rhode Island, to Chicago and then to New Orleans. While in Medical School at Tulane University, he helped start a satellite campus in Baton Rouge which was specifically for policy minded students. Dr. Perry was able work with the Department of Health to improve Louisiana’s hurricane preparedness. Finally able to see health policy in action, he had found his “niche.”

During residency at NewYork-Presbyterian, he continued to explore the implications of policy on health and patients. For the last two years of residency, he was a Health Policy Fellow at the Green Mountain Care Board in Montpelier, VT. Even in this position, he felt that health policy is still not well understood by the general public. In the days of the Affordable Care Act, it is vitally important for everyone to have a general understanding of what effects their healthcare.

He is currently the Medical Director of a Free Standing Emergency Department, Assistant Medical Director of a Level 2 Trauma Center as well as a Secretary of the South Carolina College of Emergency Physicians. From taking care of patients at bedside, explaining difficult confusing topics on TV, to discussing health at the Offices of the State Government, Dr. Perry is constantly striving to help his patients and increase the healthcare knowledge of everyone.

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